Practice 1

Practised a little animation using three characters I modelled and rigged for an animation assignment last year. I made them dance to a little music, tested out some facial expressions and did a short scene set to dialogue from an old radio play called ‘The Avengers’.

I’m happy with the outcome, though the animation is rough and would benefit from some tweaking and refining.

During the process of animation I discovered several limits and flaws in my model’s rig set up.
(A rig is a skeleton built into a 3D model with handles and controllers animators can operate to move the model around into different poses)
(Without a rig a 3D model is like a statue, static and unmoving)

1Here you can see the ‘bones’ of 2 of my character’s rig.

  • ankle set up made it difficult to position the feet without distorting them (similar problem in the shoulders, a lot of mesh twisting and distortion)
  • no way to rotate the arms or the hands (whoopsy)
  • rigging and animating fabric, such as the girls dress, is very difficult. Learning how to create cloth simulations to automatically animate clothes would be brilliant.

In order to practice animation I’ll need to also improve my modelling and rigging skills so I can create characters that are fully functional, can do a larger range of movement and are hopefully easier to animate haha

Alternatively, I can explore the internet and track down some nice rigged characters I can use to jump into practising animation. Working with other people’s models will also hopefully give me a feel for what a quality rig needs, and insight into different rigging techniques which will help me to create better rigs in the future.

fd1ef67f5ada968bb36851811efc36e3 RapidRig_V2_Cowboy squirrely-rig

3 thoughts on “Practice 1

  1. The rough animation you’ve created of the characters dancing looks great! It’s very useful that you’re able to identify the specific details within your work that aren’t functioning how they should be or to the standard you strive for, so that you can further research these technicalities within your work and tweak them to make improvements to the overall outcome of the animation. It will be interesting to see after further research and practice how your animation will evolve, even if it is just small details such as the movement of a character’s clothing item.


  2. love this little animation….I do think you could work with established models – either that or work with very simple models – bot to explore Disney’s twelve principles….try and realise/explore two gestures a week…..


  3. Whoa that was awesome! can’t believe it’s only the beginning of your practice too! to think it’s only going to get better makes me excited, will definitely keep checking back. The only suggestion I can think of is maybe to stick to one theme, i.e choose dancing or story telling as to do both will be overwhelming


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